Peach Pink Heulandite Geode Zeolite Mineral Specimen 1 Kilo - 36 Oz

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Peach Pink Heulandite Geode Zeolite Mineral Specimen 1 Kilo - 36 Oz
This is a lovely pink Heulandite with Apophyllite and Stillbite geode. Weight: 1.022 Kilograms / 36 Ounces. 16 x 9 x 6 cm hoog / 2.48 x 3.54 x 2.36 height ✨ Stillbite ✨ In the actual fact, the term stilbite is from stilbein –a Greek word, which means to shine. Usually, stilbite is colorless/white in color. Stilbite is actually a series of tectosilicate minerals, which are from the group –Zeolite. Stilbite are healing gemstones, which may help anyone who suffers from insomnia. They actually assist you in easily slipping into a tranquil state of mind erstwhile to sleep and might stimulate somewhat profound dreams. Due to their action to soothe and calm a babbling mind, they allow you in successfully attaining a calm state of mind, as well. This is what makes them advantageous to utilize throughout the meditation period. Stilbite actually arouses the heart chakra, as well as radiates from the energy for openness and love. Put simply, it is a stone of love vibrations. This stone may support anything, which is related with the matters of heart, and it’ll infuse partners with love energies, acceptance, joy, and hope. This stone may also help you in stripping away the layers of protection you have, as well as permit you to just be yourself. This may also let you fly freely and run after your real happiness. Moreover, you’ll also be able to unravel the messages, which your dreams possess, and you’ll be capable of receiving clarity, direction, and purpose as well from this stone’s energies. Furthermore, this stone may also get rid of the obstacles, which are averting you from being satisfied and happy. This stone is also beneficial in getting rid of the self-destructive tendencies that you have in yourself. It’ll also enhance your intuition, as well as bring you a supportive and loving vibrations. Furthermore, it’ll also assist you in understanding the directions, which you receive from your guardian angels and spiritual guides. It is also a great stone form recalling your past life, as well as in clearing your views for exhibition. Stilbite is a very angelic energy. It is very uplifting and joyous to meditate with. Sit down and gaze upon it and it will transport you to the angelic realm. Further, it will also aid in reaching the astral state once you meditate. This may also guide your trip above the world. Stilbite inspires creation and artistic talents are enhanced. It energizes the Solar plexus chakra providing one with increased personal energy. For this reason it is good to work with when one has large projects to complete. Stilbite helps one shine forth and provide inspiration for others to achieve higher states of consciousness for themselves. ✨ Heulandite ✨ Heulandite is a high vibration stone, that is a powerful tool for meditation. It may take you on inner journeys to ancient civilizations such as Atlantis, Lemuria or Egypt. You may learn about past lives you have experienced there, and it aids you to heal situations that may be of a karmic nature. This helps you to stop the ongoing need to keep reliving these situations. These crystals have the advantage of being one of the group of stones known as Zeolites. This group commonly are known to be helpful to benefit the environment, as they absorb toxic products and odors, so they are helpful to have around. Heulandite is of a very high frequency and it is excellent for assisting you to focus your thoughts. Heulandite has a frequency that is similar to that of Herderite, and works particularly within the third eye and the crown chakra. It will aid the synchronization of both hemispheres of the brain, and its stimulation within the brain can easily be felt by most people. As you begin to utilize this specific part of your brain, you will find that you may access Divine guidance more easily. It may boost your awareness of psychic visions, as it may assist in overall brain health and aid one to become aware of higher subtle vibrations. You may be aided to know what steps to take to develop your psychic powers, and by accessing this special guidance you may develop a range of new gifts. This guidance may include helping you to make contact with new spirit guides. Your ability to find higher spirit guides to work with, specific guides from the higher planes, will put you on an elevated path, and the next phase in your overall spiritual development.
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