About this Shop

The Orgonite® devices are approved and endorsed by Karl Hans Welz, Orgonite® Co-inventor with Wilhelm Reich and owner of the Orgonite® trademark. I am a licensed creator of Orgonite® tools and have permission to use the name Orgonite® and Orgone Generator®.

A little background
For more then 10 years I have been working with a shop on parties and festivals selling handmade uv art and other accessoires. June 2013 InnerMind openend an Etsy shop offering my art to a worldwide audience. Since last year Stefan has been helping with creating the Orgonite®. 

As of 2022 there is this independent shop here @  www.innermind.nl

Most of the items are handmade in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

All of the art is made with love ❤️.