THREE Smudge White Sage Dragonblood, Thyme and Rosemary KIT

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THREE Smudge Sticks KIT with White Sage Dragonblood, Thyme and Rosemary White Sage Bundles.

Reconnect with the power of our Mother Earth and cleanse yourself, your home, or your gems and get rid of negative energy with this THREE smudge bundle kit with Dragonblood White Sage, Thyme and Rosemary White Sage. Each bundle is approx. 10 cm / 4".

✨ Dragonblood White Sage ✨

White Sage combined with Dragon's Blood resin to create this wonderful smudge stick. The Dragon’s Blood Sage Smudge Stick has a powerful blend of scents of Dragon’s Blood Resin and Sage. This combination cultivates an aura of protection and love, amplifies healing and manifestation, and wards off evil and negative influences. It purifies the air and brings mental and spiritual clarity. Ideal to deep cleanse the house to attract blessings. Excellent for use during meditation, rituals of prayer or funerals, and wedding ceremonies.

✨ Thyme ✨

Thyme is excellent in many ways. It is said to have the powers of health, healing, sleep, psychic powers, love, purification and courage. Thyme is burned to attract good health and the Greeks burned it to purify their temples. It is often burned before magical rituals to cleanse the area. It is also known to give courage and energy when carried and or smelled.

✨ Rosemary White Sage ✨

The beneficial and purifying effect of the white sage is combined with the warming and vitality enhancing of Rosemary. This smudge stick cleanses and get rid of old and stagnant energies and purify your room. Smudging Rosemary is said to create Mental Clarity, Calm Personal Energy and Release Negative Thoughts.



You can light the end of the smudge bundle and hold it in your hand. As it burns, the holder walks around the location and wafts the smoke over their head and in the direction of objects needing protection or cleansing. You can cleanse people as well as places, and experienced practitioners suggest you start by cleansing people before you cleanse places. To cleanse a person, move the smoking bundle around the person’s body, starting at one foot, up the entire body, and down the other side, ending at the opposite foot. Then cleanse the back of the body, moving to the front, and ending at the heart. To cleanse a room, open a window and start at the far corner and work your way out of the room so that negative energy is pushed out. Once you are done, press the tip of the smudging stick gently into the fireproof shell or container to extinguish it. Fire Safety Since you are burning things, be sure to use a fire-safe underground. Putting sand in the bottom is a good idea. Also be aware of flammables nearby. Cloth underneath, or in a dangling sleeve, for example, can ignite from the heat. If smudging indoors, excessive smoke will set off a smoke detector. If smudging outdoors, be very careful in the dry season. A grass fire or forest fire is too much smudge for anyone! Be aware that sparks do fall off, and can burn clothing, altar cloths, floors, etc. So use with caution. Packages do not contain a full description on product information, all information is listed here, so please read before purchasing.

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