Ruby Orgonite Pendant with Copper Tensor Ring

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You will get the pendant as shown in the pictures.
This lovely 3.9 cm / 1.45" Orgonite pendant is made out of lots of brass,bronze, aluminium and copper shavings.

The main stone is a lovely polished color enhanced Red Ruby that is surrounded with a pure copper Tensor Ring that you can see in the front. It furthermore contains Rose Quartz (self - love), Pyrite (to enhance), Elite Shungite (emf protection), black Tourmaline (to protect and ground excess energy) ,Rhodizite crystal (to amplify the other crystals) and clear quartz (for piezo-electric effect) all within a durable resin setting.

It consist of at least 50% metal shavings which is neccessary for the orgone device to properly clear stagnant energy according to Wilhelm Reich's research.