Lot of FIVE Orgonite Tower Busters, Orgone Generators - EMF Protection.

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Lot of FIVE, Orgonite® Tower Busters, Orgone Generators - EMF Protection.

These powerful orgone generator® towerbusters consists of aluminium, brass, bronze and copper shavings and also Shungite (protection), Rhodizite crystals (to amplify), Rose Quartz (self love), black Tourmaline (to ground and protect), Elite Shungite (protection), Pyrite (to enhance and deflect extremely low frequencies), Selenite (to charge and clean) and clear Quartz (for piezo electric effect). This is all mixed with a durable polyester resin setting to increase optimal shrinkage on the clear Quartz and to creat a piezo electric effect.

You will get 5 pieces of these including a special gift.