Red Tiger's Eye Clay Pendant Handsculpted Necklace

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Red Tiger's Eye Clay Pendant Handsculpted Necklace

This is a lovely polished red Tiger Eye pendant in an handsculpted clay setting with a yellow Tiger Eye in the top.

Red TigerEye is also called Ox Eye (or Bull’s Eye) - a mahogany or reddish variety of Tiger’s Eye that occurs naturally when the golden brown variety is exposed to further metamorphic activity, such as fire or lightning, converting the iron oxide into red Hematite. Associated with the strength and courage of the ox, this stone is a fierce defense against any form of bullying, and as an antidote of calm for use in situations or places where tempers often flare and stress nears the boiling point. It is ideal for shoring up one’s inner strength, courage and self-confidence in order to tap into one’s personal power. It is a stimulating stone, replacing lethargy and procrastination with enthusiasm and motivation, unblocking creative energy and inspiring one’s inner entrepreneur. It increases determination and aids one in implementing ideas into action. It is also helpful for speeding up a slow metabolism and increasing a low sex drive. Red-Tigers-Eye has a strong grounding energy that will make sure your physical body is connected to the earth. This will ensure that you have all the skills that you need to survive and preserve yourself. Tiger's eye gemstone in general is a stone of physical manifestation and clarity. It combines the ability to manifest your will in the material world with the aid of earthy perception and practicality, with the self-confidence and positive energy of the sun. Clarity comes from the tiger's eye crystal's properties to unite perception and awareness into a coherent, streamlined whole.

Made with quality clay so it's durable. Do not shower or bath with it as to extend the lifetime of the colors. Size of pendant is approx. 6.8 cm / 2.68 inches from top to bottom. It comes on an strong suede cord with lobster clasp closing. You can choose your preferred length while ordering.

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