Green Opal Necklace Woodland Pendant Clay Gemstone

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Green Opal Necklace Woodland Pendant Clay Gemstone

This is a polished green Opal and in the top two glass crystals in a handsculpted woodland setting that I made myself. The pendant is slightly arched towards the body.

. ✨ Green Opal ✨ Green opal is a type of green opal without the opal gloss characteristics. The name comes from the green color, which can vary from light white-green to dark army green. Green opal has a positive effect on mood, memory and communication. The stone also helps you to connect with your true nature and the nature around you. Through nature you can receive guidance and energy that supports you on your path of growth. This is extra strong when you meditate with green opal. During meditation you can more easily make contact with nature beings and Devas. Green opal has a positive effect on stress. For example, the stone has a calming effect and helps you to look at life optimistically. In addition, the stone has a beneficial effect on memory. This also makes it an ideal stone for work areas. Green opal stimulates the creative expression of your inner self, but also the appreciation of it in the art and craft of others. The stone is connected with love, passion, and sexual pleasure and invites you to be faithful and loyal. Green opal promotes emotional recovery and helps with relationships. It is also a cleansing crystal. The stone also strengthens your immune system and can relieve colds and flu. Green Opals purify and cleanse the heart. They prepare your heart for new experiences, so these are especially powerful for anyone who has been hurt in love and needs faith to believe. These stones improve the memory, ease pain and trauma from the past, help you ease into deep states of meditation, and also relieve stress. ----

Made with quality clay so it's durable. However, it is better to take it off while showering or swimming to extend the lifetime of the pendant. It comes on a leather cord with lobster clasp closing. If you prefer a faux suede cord, just let me know and I will change it for you. Size approx. 6.8 cm / 2,68 inches from top to bottom. Will be shipped with trackingnr.

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