BRONZITE Orgonite® Pendant Necklace with 925 Silver , EMF Cleanser Unisex

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BRONZITE Orgonite® Pendant Necklace with 925 Silver , EMF Cleanser Unisex
The main stone of this orgonite is a lovely polished 27 carat Bronzite (in the front) which surrounded with 925 Sterling Silver flakes. It furthermore consists of Rose Quartz (self - love), black Tourmaline (to protect and ground excess energy) , Elite Shungite (EMF protection), Selenite (cleans and charges the other crystals), Pyrite clusters (to enhance and deflect ELF waves), Rhodizite (to amplify the other crystals) and clear quartz (for piezo-electric effect) all within a durable resin setting. You will get the necklace as shown in the pictures (and video). The pendant is made out of lots of various metal shavings. It measures 4.2 cm / 1.65" in diameter. ✨ Bronzite ✨ Bronzite is known both as a ‘stone of focused action’ as well as a ‘stone of courtesy’. It is quite helpful in gaining certainty in our decisions and with taking control of our actions. As with all iron bearing gemstones, this stone is thought to be protective, as all iron bearing gemstones are thought to be. With Bronzite, it is not only thought to be protective and bring the bearer harmony, but also to send any ill-will or evil intent to the bearer back to the sender thrice-fold! Bronzite brings with it an air of grounding to the wearer. Said to be helpful in discordant situations; to instill a polite nature not just the bearer but those around as well. Told to boost one’s self esteem when one must face a challenging choice or difficult decision, Bronzite will assist the bearer to be strong and power through. This is especially helpful when the wearer feels they may lack control, or lose their center of a given situation. Told to bring general inner piece, removing stress and to work favorably on the psyche by protecting again depressive and discordant moods. Used to assist in one achieving a certain state of knowing without unkind willfulness, so that one may continue to be adaptable, and to respect the methodology of attainment to the higher planes. In other words, it will offer one a view of the larger picture, so that a better understanding will be granted to appreciate the value of completing the tedious tasks and details in order to reach one’s final goal. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Orgone Energy: Orgone is simply another word for what is also known as “Qi”, “Prana”, “Ether” and “Akasha”. It is a universal life-force energy which permeates all matter on earth. Orgone can exist in a positive, healthy form, as well as a stagnant, harmful form, often caused by modern technologies that emit EMF radiation. The side-effects of being surrounded by stagnant orgone energy include depression, anxiety, sleep problems, allergies, and other physical and mental health issues. Dr Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist, researched orgone energy in the earlier half of the 20th century. He found that organic materials attracted and held orgone energy, while non-organic metal materials attracted and rapidly repelled orgone energy. Today’s orgone devices are built on these two principles. As a mix of organic resin and inorganic metal shavings, they simultaneously attract and repel stagnant orgone energy, producing a “scrubbing” effect which re-charges the stagnant energy. The more metals, the better. Orgone also includes an encased quartz crystal which has a piezoelectric effect (it produces a small electric charge when put under pressure). This adds to the energy-cleansing effect. What is Orgonite® ? Orgonite® is a substance made of resin, metals and quartz that strengthens your body's energy field, helping to protect you from man-made EMF radiation and negative energy. These amazing metaphysical tools can help improve your life physically, emotionally and spiritually. The main function of Orgonite® is to clean stagnant and negative energy. The best ratio is 50/50 resin to metal shavings. The more metal shavings, the better. Orgonite® is a word that was invented by Karl Hans Welz for a material he made as a variation on the technology of Wilhelm Reich. He owns the trade mark for the word Orgonite® and Orgone Generator®. I have been permitted to use the term Orgonite® and Orgone Generator®. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This pendant is created with loving intent to transform people’s lives for the better. It has been hand sanded through 7 sets of fine polishing paper and it has been hand shaped. Because it is a one of a kind hand-crafted one, it may have slight artistic imperfections. Appr. Size: 4.2 cm/ 1.65 inch in diameter It comes on a leather cord with lobster clasp closing. You can state your preferred length while ordering. If you prefer an adjustable 2mm thick black cotton cord, let me know while ordering in the comments and Ill happily change it for you.
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